Upon learning the skills needed to respond effectively to emotional instability, Corrine began in-depth training in dialectical behavior therapy and mindfulness. She began teaching families with loved-ones diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2006. In fifteen years of teaching she has witnessed the transformation and healing of thousands of family relationships. Corrine founded to offer skills training classes and individual coaching on-line.


Corrine has taught workshops to reduce the suffering of individuals and their families. She has developed training for mental health professionals and created courses for anyone interested in greatly enhancing their capacity for personal and interpersonal happiness.

“I am infinitely indebted to the generosity of my teachers and my teachers’ teachers and the generations ancient sages and shaman who preceded them. I am fortunate to have given and received understanding from my students who will have the opportunity to give and receive from the generations of dedicated practioners yet to be born. And most of all, I am deeply grateful to my clients from whom I have learned so much wisdom about suffering and happiness. ‘Without you, I am nothing.’ ”

She has traveled throughout Latin America teaching mindfulness, social, and emotional skills that she has learned and honed from studying with the world’s greatest experts, including Marsha Linehan, Paul Ekman, Alan Wallace, Kristen Neff, and Paul Gilbert. Corrine has a Ph.D., M.Phil., and M.S. from Columbia University.


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