An online course designed for anyone who has a loved-one with emotional dysregulation or borderline personality disorder

Do you have a loved-one who suffers from intense anger, deep sadness, and high anxiety?

Are you afraid of a harsh negative reaction if you say “no” to a family member?

Or maybe you tend to overreact and then later regret what you said or did.  Do you need more peace and less stress in your life?

Does someone in your family suffer from emotional crises, engage in impulsive behaviors, and then blame you for their problems?

Do you feel exhausted, powerless, and burned out from the drama and conflict that emerges when you are just trying to help?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you may need guidance and support. We can help you to raise your emotional and social intelligence and reduce your stress by learning and practicing skills in emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

DBTcoach is an online course to understand how to respond effectively when a loved one suffers emotional crises (which may also include emotional inhibition), impulsive behavior, intermittent competence, and passive or avoidant problem solving.


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